John Brown working out in the gym
 John Brown side triceps pose,posing at the beach
 John Brown showing beautiful art picture
 John Brown back muscle,John Brown rear double biceps 
 John Brown chest workout 
John Brown living legend bodybuilder in the world 
John Brown Contests/Competitions History:
1991 IFBB San Jose Pro,Placed 10th
1991 IFBB Iron Man Pro,Placed 18th
1989 IFBB Grand Prix Melbourne,Placed 10th
1989 IFBB World Pro,Placed 9th
1987 IFBB Detroit Pro,Placed 8th
1986 IFBB Night Of The Champions,Placed 16th
1986 IFBB World Pro,Placed 14th
1986 IFBB Los Angeles Pro,No Position
1985 IFBB Olympia,Placed 14th
1985 IFBB Night Of The Champions,Placed 10th
1984 IFBB Grand Prix England,Placed 2nd
1984 IFBB Canada Pro,Placed 9th
1984 IFBB Grand Prix World,Placed 9th
1984 IFBB World Grand Prix,Placed 9th
1983 WABBA World Championships,Placed 3rd


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