Full Name: Victor Martinez
Nick Name: Dominican Dominator
Date of Birth: July 29,1973
Birth Place: Sand Francisco De macoris,Dominican Republic
Home Town/Residence/Location: New York,New York,United States of America
Height: 5'9"
Off-season Weight: 265-270 LBS
In-season/Competition/Contest Weight: 240-245 LBS
Official Website:
Martial Status: Single
Occupation/Profession: IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Pro Debut: 1997
Best Achievement: IFBB Arnold Classic Champion 2007
Arms: 23 "
Chest: 58 "
Waist: 32 "
Thighs: 30 "
Calves: 20 "
Victor Martinez Biography:
Victor Martinez was born on July 29,1973 in San Francisco de Macoris,Dominaican Republic.Victor Martinez Started Bodybuilding as a Professional and started competing in 1997.He took a part in 2001 Bodybuilding Contest.He had to face a lot of problems and difficulties in his Bodybuilding Career but he didn't tired or pushed back.He is a really great and huge Bodybuilder.Victor Martinez Predecessor and Successor is one of the Huge Bodybuilder Dexter Jackson.He started his pro career in 2001 and competed in IFBB Night of Champions and placed 8th.Victor Martinez competed in many Arnold Classic Events and got very good positions.He is a very hardworking and inspirational Bodybuilder.His sister name is Eridania Rodrigues.His one of the best victory is IFBB Arnold Classic 2009 where he placed 2nd.Victor Martinez is the owner of Muscle Maker Grill.He has some big problems in his bussiness.Therefore he had some problems in Bodybuilding also.He has has 2 sons and 2 daughters.His sons names are Justin and Jared and daughters names are Zayde and Victoria.He had a criminal record of selling Steroids.He faced a lot of troubles in his life.He saw a lot of up and downs in his life but he never quite from anything.He is a very brave heart man.
Victor Martinez Wallpapers:
Victor Martinez IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Victor Martinez Workout in the Gym
Victor Martinez working out for Biceps
Victor Martinez Huge Back
Victor Martinez  Bodybuilder Wallpaper
Victor Martinez Contests/Competitions History:
  • IFBB 2001 Night of the Champions,8th Position
  • IFBB 2002 Iron Man pro, 9th Position
  • IFBB 2002 Arnold Classic and Internationals,13th Position
  • IFBB 2003 Night of the champions,1st Position
  • IFBB 2004 GNC show of Strength,1st Position
  • IFBB 2004 Olympia,9th Position
  • IFBB 2005 Arnold Classic and internationals,7th Position
  • IFBB 2005 San Francisco Pro,5th Position
  • IFBB 2005 New York Pro,3rd Position
  • IFBB 2005 Olympia,5th Position
  • IFBB 2006 Arnold Classic and Internationals,3rd Position
  • IFBB 2006 Olympia,3rd Position
  • IFBB 2007 Arnold Classic,1st Position
  • IFBB 2007 Olympia,2nd Position
  • NPC 2008 Continental USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships,No Position
  • IFBB 2009 Arnold Classic,2nd Position
  • NPC 2009 Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure,No Position
  • IFBB 2009 Natural Northern USA Bodybuilding,Figure and bikini,6th Position
  • NPC 2009 Pittsburgh,1st Position
  • NPC 2010 Atlantic States,No Position
  • NPC 2010 Olympia,No Position
  • IFBB 2010 Arnold Classic,Ms.Internationals,Fitness and Figure International,8th Position
  • IFBB 2011 Olympia,3rd Position
  • IFBB 2011 Sheru Classic Asian Grand Prix Pro Bodybuilding and Figure,4th Position
  • IFBB 2011 Arnold Classic Europe, 4th Position
  • NPC 2011 Natural Mid States Muscle Classic,3rd Position


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