Toney Freeman IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Full Name: Toney Freeman
Nick Name: The X Man
Date of Birth: August 30,1966
Birth Place: South Bend,Indiana,United States America
Home Town/Residence/Location: Atlanta,Georgia,United States of America
Height: 6'2"
Off-season Weight: 310-312 Lbs
In-season/Competition/Contest Weight: 285-286 Lbs
Official Website:
Waist Size: 32"
Martial Status: Single
Occupation/Profession: IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Pro Debut: 1990
Best Achievement: IFBB Europa Show,Sacramento Pro Champion
Toney Freeman Biography:
Toney Freeman was born on August 30,1966 in South Bend,Indiana,United States of America.He has Body in X shape therefore he is called X-Man.Toney Freeman is a very huge Bodybuilder.He is featured at Flex Magazine cover page at many times.His long time favorite Bodybuilder are Dorian Yates and Lee Haney.Lee Haney is 8 times Mr.Olympia Title holder.He build his huge physics in many years.His hardwork and transformation is Unbelieveable.He won his first big title in 1993 in NPC Junior Nationals.He was placed 1st.Once he was arrested by Police.But when police came to know that he is a Professional Bodybuilder and going to Compete soon,They decided to free him.Toney Freeman is working hard day by day.He wish to be in Top 3 Mr.Olympia Competitor.We wish him best of Luck for future.
Toney Freeman Photos/Wallpapers:
Toney Freeman IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Side Triceps Pose 
Toney Freeman IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Front Double Biceps Pose
Toney Freeman IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Training/Workout for Chest
Toney Freeman IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Most Muscular Pose In a Competition
Toney Freeman IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Lat Spread pose in the Gym
Toney Freeman Competition/Contest History:
AAU 1990 Junior Mr America,4th Position
NPC 1994 Nationals, 4th Position
NPC 1995 Nationals,4th Position
IFBB 2003 Night of Champions ,11th Position
IFBB 2003 GNC Show of strength, 9th Position
IFBB 2004 Night of Champions, 10th Position
IFBB 2004 GNC show of Strength , 8th Position
IFBB 2005 Arnold Classic and Internationals, 10th Position
IFBB 2006 Iron Man Pro,7th Position
IFBB 2006 Arnold Classic and Internationals,9th Position
IFBB 2006 San Francisco Pro,5th Position
IFBB 2006 Europa Super Show,1st Position
IFBB 2006 Olympia,7th Position
IFBB 2007 Iron man Pro,1st Position
IFBB 2007 Sacramento Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix,1st Position
IFBB 2007 Arnold Classic,3rd Position
IFBB 2007 Olympia,14th Position
IFBB 2008 Iron man Pro,8th Position
IFBB 2008 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding,Fitness and Figure Contest,7th Position
IFBB 2008 Australia Pro Grand Prix ,4th Position
IFBB 2008 New Zealand Grand Elite Pro,3rd Position
NPC 2008 Tampa bay Bodybuilding and Figure Contest,1st Position
IFBB 2008 15th Annual Sports Fitness weekend and Europa Super Show,1st Position
IFBB 2008 Atlantic City Pro,2nd Position
IFBB 2008 Atlantic City Pro,4th Position
IFBB 2008 Olympia , 5th Position
IFBB 2009 Arnold Classic,4th Position
IFBB 2009 Australia Pro Grand Prix, 3rd Position
NPC 2009 Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure, No Position
IFBB 2009 Olympia , 8th Position
IFBB 2009 Sacramento,1st Position
IFBB 2010 Phoenix Pro,3rd Position
IFBB 2010 Arnold Classic,Ms.International,Fitness and Figure International,5th Position
IFBB 2010 New York Pro Bodybuilding and Bikini Championships,4th Position
NPC 2010 Capital Of Texas,No Position
IFBB 2010 Olympia,9th Position
IFBB 2011 Arnold Classic,Ms.International,Fitness and Figure International,9th Position
IFBB 2011 British Grand Prix,6th Position
IFBB 2011 Mr.Europe Grand Prix,5th Position
IFBB 2011 Europa Battle of Champions,6tj Position
IFBB 2011 Europa Super Show Dallas,1st Position
IFBB 2011 Mr.Olympia,7th Position
IFBB 2011 Sheru Classic Asian Grand Prix Pro Bodybuilding and Figure,6th Position
IFBB 2011 Arnold Classic Europe ,4th Position
NPC 2011 Dexter jackson Memphis Classic,No Position
IFBB 2011 Pro World Masters Championships,2nd Position


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